Updated: May 9, 2018

From the many years we have been in the industry, we know results are not easy to get.

Whether it’s ‘Strength’ results or ‘Body Composition’ results, you need to be fully committed to the goal to receive any form of results.

Read on for some little tips and tricks we have found to get results...

Find a coach -

They take the decision making out of things.

They keep you accountable.

They're experts in the field.

They understand what types of training and/or eating is correct for your body and goal.

Consider time -

Workout what time of day suits best for YOUR training...

Do you perform better in the morning? Do you like to get it over & done with? Or do you prefer training at night with food in your belly? Maybe at lunch to get you motivated for the afternoon of work. Do you like training with people? If so find a friend or join classes at times that suit.

Once you've got your timing worked out, then try to keep a routine happening.

Meal prep -

Are you making ‘quick & easy’ choices because your ‘too’ busy?

If you put all that effort into your workout, why are you wrecking it all with your bad food habits? You know the 80/20 rule right? Results come from around 80% food and 20% training. If you don’t know what foods you should be having to fuel your body, ask your coach. Food should be a fuel for you body - make healthy and long lasting choices.

Relax -

The 2 biggest issues which stop people from getting results are SLEEP & STRESS. - sleeping is the time your body grows and repairs itself and your mind mentally switches off. - stress causes cortisol (stress hormone) which if it is not released during a time of physical activity can cause weight gain, particularly around the mid-section (GUT). Find ways to de-stress!

Listen to music, have a bath, go for a walk, do some yoga, take vitamin C before bed, get a massage, play with a puppy... find what works for you.

Set bite size goals -

Strength goals (5kg increase in bench? ) or fit into a pair of jeans, or train 4 times a week consistently for 1 month.

Be specific.

Write them down.

Check back later to review progress.

We are a RESULTS focused fitness studio.

We take the time to listen to your Goals and we implement that with a method, which we then act on.

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