founder & owner m+a


For as long as I can remember I have had a burning desire inside me to create something that helps improve people on a very large scale. 

The m+a concept was created because Melody and I wanted to create somewhere for likeminded people to come together and focus soley on learning and improving themselves, both physically and mentally.


My training philosphopy is built around doing a few things extremely well and my passion for fitness lies with getting my athletes training smarter, making them stronger and improving their overall performance.


Seeing my team continually improving themselves as well as achieving things which they once thought to be unattainable, is why I do my job.


founder & owner m+a


I personally have always loved fitness and food, but have always struggled with the right balance. It wasn't until I invested in myself with the right coaching that I realised where I was going wrong and why I wasn't achieving the results I wanted.


Josh and I now know the importance of setting goals, making methods to reach these goals and adhering to the process. It is now our passion to impart that into as many individuals as we can. People can't grow without goals, and people can't  reach their goals if they don't have a process to get there. My passion is to help people not only reach their goals and desires, but to guide them to set unimaginable goals to open them up to their full potential.

Our mindset is everything. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be boring. It's learning a balance, and at m+a we have the keys to this balance.